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Seasonal Soul Circles

Join us to connect with Summer and with each other.


Summer is a time for exploring, gathering ideas, recreating, & redefining. It is a time of expressing, adventure, & excitement And Summer can also bring up inhibitions, fear, overthinking, and over-analyzing.


In this 3-hour workshop, we will nourish, commune, explore the nature of Summer, honor the seasonal transition, and see what is blossoming in each of us. As we connect with the rhythms of nature, we allow ourselves to connect with our own natural rhythms.


Come tend to yourself and set intentions for Summer through song, art, somatic practice, journaling, reflection & guided imagery.

Magic spiral works next to a lake, wicca altar._edited.jpg


Wednesday 6:30-8 PST


Book Individualized
Somatic Coaching

Not sure about a group class? Try a free 1-1 session first.

Somatic coaching offers a unique pathway to growth and change, emphasizing the wisdom of the body as a guide to understanding ourselves and our interactions with the world.


All sessions are tailored to meet you right where you are, in this moment.

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