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Evolutionary Leadership

8 week course

A leader is a person who, irrespective of their role or status, is passionate about a cause, inspires others to share in their cause, and together they collaboratively craft a future that was once only imaginable.

Your capacities to lead are rooted in your values, habits, personality, and worldviews. Revealing your leadership essence is a journey of self-discovery that highlights your strengths and brings awareness to your shadows.

Today's unprecedented challenges call for masterful leaders who recognize that true leadership is about creating connections, listening deeply, and navigating stressful situations with equanimity.

To become a more masterful leader, you need more than just good ideas. You must learn to embody a presence and take actions that resonate with your vision and goals. This involves translating your ideas into new, tangible habits until they become an effortless part of you. If you're dedicated to advancing your goals with greater impact, it's crucial to engage not just your intellect but also your somatic awareness - body knowing, heart wisdom, and energetic intuition - into the essence of your leadership approach. Leadership that transforms comes from the inside out and includes your whole self.
Teamwork and support. A group of people are standing together holding hands against the Mi
Spring Cohort starts 4/5
Wednesdays 5:30-7 PST

Book Individualized Coaching

Not quite ready to work in a group? Try some 1-1 sessions focused on meeting you where you're at and helping you craft the life you want to lead.

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