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Soul-Centered Living

Soul-Centered Living is our popular 8 week course that moves your through an experience of embodied transformation. We will engage in a synergistic set of cross-cultural topics & practices designed to awaken your longings and create sustainable change in your life.
This program supports you to discover your true foundations for your own powerful alignment to create the life you imagine & facilitate the work you feel called to do.


Experience a journey of inner connection, support, guidance, community, & wholeness. Activate new neural pathways. Allow time for your own growth & healing. Cultivate a fully embodied, authentic presence. Uplevel your resourcing and coping strategies. Learn new ways to soothe and nourish yourself. Shift your current patterns & habits that keep you stuck. Witness yourself from your seat as inner guide. Weave together your longings to create the life you want to live. Expand your perspectives, mental models, and worldview. Soften into your body, connect with your center. Attune with your physical, emotional, energetic, & imaginational intelligences. Flow with your own natural cycles of healing & sync with the rhythms of nature. Engage with your full range of emotions. Bring your joy, grief, anger, surprise, shame, defensiveness, resentment, you name it. All is welcome here ~ the more we feel the more alive we become. Shed your expectations and practice being with what is present now. Craft your soul-centered life!

Each week we will engage with a different theme, create connections in large and small group practices, and we will explore through poetry, story, movement, creative expression, journaling, mindfulness, reflection, guided imagery, & somatic practices.


Spring Cohort Starts 4/6
Thursdays Online

5:30 - 7

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Space to reveal your gifts

Book Individualized
Somatic Coaching

Not quite ready to work in a group? Try some 1-1 sessions focused on meeting you where you're at and helping you craft the life you want to lead.

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