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Embodied Leadership

  • Starts Oct 24
  • Online

From our view, a leader is a person who, irrespective of their role or status, is passionate about a cause, inspires others to share in their cause, and together they collaboratively craft a future that was once only imaginable. Our capacities to lead are rooted in our values, habits, personality, and worldviews. Revealing one's leadership essence is a journey of self-discovery that highlights your strengths and brings awareness to your shadows. Today's unprecedented challenges call for masterful leaders who recognize that true leadership is about creating connections, listening deeply, and navigating stressful situations with equanimity. To become a conscious embodied leader, we need more than just good ideas. We must learn to embody a presence and take actions that resonate with one's vision and goals. This involves translating your ideas into new, tangible habits until they become an effortless part of you. If you're dedicated to advancing your goals with greater impact or bringing a dream project to life, it's important to engage not just your intellect but also your somatic awareness - body knowing, heart wisdom, and energetic intuition - into the essence of your leadership approach. Leadership that transforms comes from the inside out and includes your whole self. What you will learn... Experiential Learning Practices: -Learn to take new actions that align with their values under the same old pressures. Mental Model Expansion: -Reframe mindsets to integrate dualisms like individualism and interdependence, control and trust, reactive habits & curious responses. -Learn about the new sciences (Quantum Physics & Living Systems Theory) to expand your perspectives. -Utilize Systems Thinking Methods to find the hidden interdependencies in your systems. Heart Centered Dialogue: - Learn to create psychological safe containers within your teams. -Stimulate a radically curious attitude. Conflict Resolution: -Use restorative justice practices to consciously accept the tension of teammates’ opposing views, stimulating new possibilities. -Foster an environment where people doubt their ideas rather than stubbornly hold onto their views. Participatory Models: -Build a participatory culture of shared authority. Visioning: -Collectively create the story the organization wants to live into, establishing a bottom line that values people, planet, & profit! -Create opportunities for feedback and emergent solutions using World Cafe & Appreciative Inquiry.

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Somatic Coaching

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Somatic coaching offers a unique pathway to growth and change, emphasizing the wisdom of the body as a guide to understanding ourselves and our interactions with the world.


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